annecy lake

Lake Annecy

Lake Annecy

Nestled at 447 meters above sea level between the massif of Bornes and the Bauges massif, Lake Annecy, the glacial origin, is fed by mountain springs. With its 27 km2 of surface, it is almost twice as much as that of Le Bourget. Also shallower, it offers an average of 40 m of water depth, with images of 80 m in places. It extends its 14.5 km length north to southeast between Annecy-le-Vieux and Doussard. Two parts of the lake are distinguished: to the south, from Saint-Jorioz and Talloires, the expanse of water is narrower, 800 meters from the narrowest place. To the north, Lake Annecy is up to 3.2 kilometers wide. To the east, the lake is dominated by the tall silhouette of Mount La Tournette, does not culminate at the summit culminating at 2350 m altitude. There are hand-operated beaches like the Brune à Veyrier lake.

The City of Annecy

In the heart of Haute-Savoie, the city of Annecy is known worldwide for its idyllic setting, between lake and mountains. Close to Lyon, Geneva and the other major cities of the Alpine furrow and Italy, the Annecy agglomeration enjoys a very exceptional geographical location. The surroundings of its lake offer a privileged living environment, where luxury apartments and contemporary villas alongside the typical mansions of Haute-Savoie, making the real estate market in Annecy one of the references of the upper Savoyard region.

Tourism around Lake Annecy 

The Annecy Lake region is a rich and preserved territory, with sublime scenery between lake and mountains and exceptional cultural and architectural heritage. Among the most remarkable tourist sites are the old town of Annecy and its castle comtal: it is fun to stroll through its streets, to admire its arcades, porches and canals. Its rich architectural heritage is represented by St. Peter's Cathedral, the Imperial Palace and the Palais de l'Isle. In front of the Roc de Chère, Duingt is nicknamed the pearl of Lake Annecy: on its peninsula, connected to the bank at the end of the Middle Ages, stands the silhouette of Ruphy Castle. Emblematic of the lake, it has inspired and continues to inspire many painters. On the banks of the lake nest other architectural pearls: among them, the Benedictine priory and the Royal Abbey of Talloires-Montmin, now a hotel, adorns with its massive silhouette the east shore of the lake. The medieval castle of Menthon-Saint-Bernard is also a jewel of architecture sublimated by the scenery of the lake and mountains. Places of multiple interests in summer and winter, the preserved resorts of Aravis, La Clusaz, Saint-Bornand, Saint-Jean-de-Sixt and Manigod are also nearby.

Sports activities in the Annecy region

Famous for its exceptional panorama and the unspoilt beauty of the towns and villages on its banks, Lake Annecy Haute Savoie is also popular with lovers of outdoor activities, especially water and water sports. Like the surnon of Aix les Bains due to its location on Lake Bourget, Annecy is called the Venice of the Alps. The waters of the lake are ideal for diving, kayaking, paddle boarding and sailing. We also play sensational sports such as wakeboarding and wakesurfing. Between the city and the mountains, the shores of the lake offer a wide range of other outdoor sports activities: mountain biking, cycling, all-terrain electric scooter rides, golf at the Lake Annecy Golf Club Haute Savoie, the tree climbing, climbing, canyoning, Via Ferrata, or caving. The exceptional setting of the lake also invites to the practice of aerial sports like paragliding. The agglomeration of Annecy Haute Savoie finally offers quality sports facilities: swimming pools and ice rink, water sports, bowling, tennis clubs, stadiums, sports and gymnasiums, equestrian centers, cross-country ski trails, or no shooting at bow. Just 20 minutes from the lake, the Montmin-Col de la Forclaz ski area is perfect for winter sports: skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing or snowshoeing. The Plateau des Glières welcomes cross-country skiing enthusiasts.

Walks and hikes around Lake Annecy

Ideal to discover by bike the varied panoramas of the different parts of the lake, a green way runs along the west bank of the fresh water stretch linking the old town of Annecy-le-Vieux to Sevrier, Duingt and Doussard before climbing to Albertville. From the most family-friendly walk to the most athletic hike, many hiking trails can also be undertaken to discover the natural and architectural wonders that line the lake. Urban and cultural walk in the old Annecy, family run on the Roselières trail or in the Nature Reserve of Bout du Lac, rock tower of Chère, or sports hiking on Mount Veyrier, Plateau Glières, Taillefer or the Parmelan, the choice is vast and suitable for all levels of walking. Among the highlights are the panorama of the old cable car of Mont Veyrier, the tour of the towers of Saint-Jacques, or the ride of the castle of Menthon-Saint-Bernard by the hamlets. On the Duingt side, the Maladière Road along the lake opposite Talloires-Montmin leads to a pleasant trail that leads to the Notre-Dame-du-Lac grotto and its belvedere. The walk continues to Mount Gerbet overlooking the village. Do not forget the Lanfon's Teeth and its panoramic view of the Alps at more than 1800 meters above sea level.

The beaches of Lake Annecy

An exceptionally pure body of water, thanks to the attentive protection programs it offers, the lake has several beaches dedicated to idleness, swimming and water skiing, among others. Its average temperature is 23 ° C in summer. Less than 10 km from Annecy on the western shore of the lake, backed by the Semnoz massif, Saint-Jorioz has the only beach of the lake being naturally sandy. Other sandy beaches have been developed especially for recreation and relaxation: the Brune beach in Veyrier-du-Lac, family, sunny and supervised; the municipal beach of Sevrier, with a view of Lanfon's teeth and the summit of La Tournette; the beach of Bout du Lac in Doussard, and its direct access to the nature reserve; or the Angon beach in Talloires, paying in season. The other beaches offer you to relax a lawn area: the municipal beach of Talloires, the municipal beach of Duingt next to Ruphy Castle, or the municipal beach of Menthon, pleasantly shaded by trees. On the territory of Annecy Haute Savoie, three renowned beaches offer an idyllic panorama of the lake and the mountains: the very flowered Albigny beach at the level of Annecyle-Vieux, the beach of Marquisats bordered by the bike path, and the inevitable beach of the Imperial, real outdoor leisure complex.