MaXi Race Annecy


Annecy, its mythical lake, majestic mountains and MaXi-Race. A springtime rendezvous where transcending oneself and communion with nature make you live a real journey.

The Annecy MaXi Race, the meeting place for sports lovers of nature

Trail, marathon, ultra marathon, these races have in common a great technicality and running closer to nature. These two essential elements predestined Annecy and its surroundings to become the theater of a major sporting event. The MaXi Race will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2020, always attracting more amateurs and savvy runners on unknown paths. Composed of tests of variable length and difficulty, it leads each participant to push his own limits, to always seek his motivation. It is at this moment that the natural setting in which it takes place takes all its place. Annecy lies in the hollow of a valley lined with protected paths, steep and offering every turn a unique view of the lake and the surrounding mountains. Whatever the performance of each competitor, the MaXi Race brings together the human and the nature.

The concept of MaXi Race is based on some specific values that are available throughout these races in Sicily, South Africa, Ecuador, China and Madeira. It is primarily a popular event and an opportunity to discover a culture and its treasures. Always organized in mountainous areas with steep slopes, the MaXi Race and its different racing formats allow participants to take up a challenge related to their temperament, their physical abilities and their desires. Respecting sports values such as courage, humility, respect and solidarity, these races must first encourage internal travel.

5 run formats around Lake Annecy

Ultra Race (119km)

The Ultra Race brings together 1,000 runners who travel a total of 7100 meters of elevation gain in one day! A challenge of size reserved for competitors somewhat experienced, well prepared and trained in ultra-trail. In fact, to complete this event within the regulatory time limits, it will be necessary to cover very steep slopes and to know how to run for a long time in protected areas where no one can provide the refueling.

The test is declined in an alternative version called XXL Race. Accessible to 150 runners, it covers the same distance as the previous one but over two days. Naturally, the first is the "longest day" where you have to face the Semnoz and cross the Bauges massif but the second day leading to the peaks of Mont-Veyrier will not be easy.

Maxi Race (89km)

No less than 1,500 runners start the Annecy Maxi Race each year and cover 5,200 meters of elevation gain in 1 day! The course of this race literally forms a loop around the lake through the mountains. Run early Saturday morning, it offers competitors the beauty of a sunrise on the peaks and an unforgettable image of Mont Blanc. The perception of Lake Annecy varies according to the places crossed. A "model" event that has already figured in the course of the World Championship trail.

As for the previous one, it has a 2-day version called XL Race. With 45 km the first day and 42 km the second, it is perfect to try the marathons and welcomes 400 competitors.

R-Race (89km)

It's a Maxi Race team! 250 relays at 2 and 250 relays at 4 can take the start of the R Race! An adventure to share to 2 or 4, in which cohesion and solidarity plays a fundamental role.

Marathon-Race AND Marathon Experience

In 2020, the marathon will run in two forms, Marathon Race, difficult to wish, whose course will be communicated only the day before the start and which will earn points and Marathon eXperience of the same length but which will avoid some very technical zones and will not the subject of no podium. The riders who finish it will all be rewarded with a title of finishers.

Short-Race and Femina-Race (16km)

The Short-Race is a night race that brings together 650 runners and is characterized by a significantly lower positive altitude with 950 meters "only". An ideal race to enjoy the sunset on the lake from Mont Veyrier. The Femina Race is exactly the same race but it is exclusively feminine and takes place the next morning.

Dates and registration for the Annecy Maxi Race

The MaXi Race Annecy 2020 will take place from May 29th to May 31st. The exact times and days of each race are still subject to precision. Registration will begin Nov. 15 for Ultra and Marathon Race and December 1st for all other races. For the R-Race, relay race, the registration must be made by the team captain who will be able to complete the coordinates of the torchbearers later if necessary.

Registration and payment on the website

Preparatory courses for the three-day MaXi-Race are offered on this site. You will also find valuable dietary advice to follow before and during the races to optimize your performance, as well as expert recommendations on training and mental preparation essential to face these events serenely.