The most beautiful mountain biking tours in Annecy lake

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Unmissable nature activity around Lake Annecy, mountain biking is an opportunity to discover unspoiled landscapes while practicing a fun and invigorating hobby. Discover the most beautiful mountain bike tours not to be missed if you are staying in a vacation rental near Annecy!

Quintal and Semnoz

This hike takes the form of a small loop of 13 km, at a maximum altitude of 900 meters, with a drop in altitude then uphill of just over 490 meters. The average duration for this mountain bike trip is two hours. The departure is from Annecy, near the hamlet of Seynod. The climb up Semnoz is the difficulty of this hike, since it is done cold. The second part includes a nice descent to Quintal.

Large loop in Mount Semnoz

A 25 km hike, achievable in three hours, with a drop of 790 meters. The start of the long loop is on the lake side, at the Church of the Visitation located above Annecy. The circuit then passes through Seynod and descends on Quintal before returning in a loop again via Seynod. Some technical passages should be noted on the descents that lead to Quintal. A hike to be avoided in rainy weather or in wet periods, due to slippery passages.

The Semnoz with a view of the lake

A beautiful mountain bike ride on the heights of Lake Annecy, a distance of 20 km in the form of a loop. The difference in height is 750 meters and the hike can be completed in 3 hours. The entire hike is done in the undergrowth, most of it on single-track type trails, punctuated by wider paths and a 200-meter road section at the top of Semnoz. So this hike is enjoyable even on a hot day. It also remains very passable in wet weather, just becoming more technical.

From Seynod to Le Bidoyon

A great hike of 43 kilometers, with a total of nearly 1,200 meters of vertical drop divided into many successive climbs and descents. It takes place partly on the Semnoz and partly on the Montagne d'Age, and notably passes through the sublime cascade of the bride's veil. The second part of the circuit is very fast and is completed quickly, which explains why 4 hours are enough for this large loop punctuated by beautiful climbs.

The mountain of Age between countryside and forest

An easy, family hike on low-altitude terrain, suitable for all seasons. With a distance of 14 km, with a total vertical drop of 440 meters, it will take you an hour. The loop circuit traverses the mountain of Age along its length, from north to south then from south to north. It starts with a nice climb and ends with the equivalent descent. On the mountain, the differences in level remain low: the descents as the climbs are short, but dry and fun. Notable passage at the Croix de Fer, from where you can enjoy a magnificent panorama.

Circuit from Poisy to Lovagny

An 18 km mountain bike ride, achievable in 2 hours, which includes a nice climb to the 5th kilometer and a very long descent around the 10th kilometer. The circuit extends over the territory of the two municipalities of Lovagny and Poisy. The total height difference is 470 meters. The hike follows forest paths as well as a few sections of roads with little traffic. It’s not overly technical, but is aimed at non-beginner mountain bikers.

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