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Luxury real estate in Cusy

Cusy is part of the Bauges National Regional Nature Park. In its piedmont, it is close to the A41, accessible by the D3 in 10 minutes. The D911 connects the town to the city of Aix-les-Bains in 20 minutes. With Barnes, treat yourself to the luxury of a real estate investment in the heart of nature in Cusy.

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The limits of the commune follow the banks of the Chéran that jutts the bridge of the Abîme under the eyes of the towers Saint-Jacques in the distance. Cusy, which has all the amenities of a small village - shops and services - is also a tourist territory with remarkable and preserved landscapes. A traditional built heritage characterizes this open and rural valley. It is the real estate offer of the town with beautiful farm buildings volumes inspiring, renovated or can be the subject of a renovation project. Most often in the field, they include land and attached dependencies that can be developed and adapted to your needs and desires. In the new, modern houses with gardens sometimes with a pool or a pond are located near the capital along the road to the Church or Saint-Offenge and surrounding hamlets. the Tropaz, Chavonnes or Balevaz.

Data of the property market in Cusy

Attached to the Bauges Regional Natural Park, the municipality of Cusy in Albanian has been part of the Grand Annecy since 2017. Its population is 1853 people. 83% of Cuséens are owners, 13% are tenants. The surfaces of dwellings - mainly main residences - are 99% higher than 40 m2, half divided between more and less than 100 square meters. The real estate sought is 88% of the houses, ideally 5 rooms and more on a volume of 100 m2 minimum. The houses remain relatively affordable with an average price of 2533 euros per m2, lower than the average in Haute-Savoie. With an average price per square meter of 2614 euros, the real estate offer in Cusy is positioned at the lowest among those of the surrounding municipalities. In Arith, though further away from important departmental roads and the A41 motorway, the average price is 2643 euros / m2.