Paragliding in Annecy

parapente annecy

Do you want to gain height, get your fill of thrills and live a unique experience in Haute-Savoie? Fly over Lake Annecy by paraglider!

Lake Annecy, ideal place for a paragliding baptism

The landscapes from the shores of Lake Annecy are fabulous. Turquoise waters, a stretch of water stretching over 15 km long bordered by green mountains (Bornes massif, Bauges massif, Aravis range. Imagine the panorama seen from the sky if you add the snow-capped alpine peaks to the table , castles and the urban configuration of the Venice of the Alps. To fly over Lake Annecy by paraglider is to live an unforgettable experience in one of the most beautiful paragliding spots in the Alps. From takeoff to landing, a Tandem paragliding is a great opportunity to fill up on adrenaline and admire the landscapes of Haute-Savoie from a new angle, accompanied by a qualified instructor. From the air, you will also see valleys and canyons, ski resorts, cycle tourists on the bike path that runs along the lake and boats in the middle of the lake.

Paragliding flights for everyone

Several providers offer paragliding flights over Lake Annecy. Their offers include different formulas for adults and children, beginners and initiates. Discovery flights are tandem flights that generally last between 10 and 15 minutes. They are intended to reveal the sensations experienced during this type of aerial ride. There are longer flights lasting 45 minutes to fully enjoy the scenery and the flight. The ascending flights are rather reserved for confirmed paragliders. The instructor gains height and moves using thermal thermals, a 100% natural experience with more sensations.

Approximate rates:

  • Discovery flight and Child flight € 80 for 15 minutes
  • Prestige flight € 140 for 45 minutes
  • Upward flight 100 € for 30 minutes

Prices may vary depending on the service providers (Airmax paragliding, Adrenaline Paragliding, Delta Evasion, Takamaka).

During the flight, you can even take control and learn to fly. Paragliding is an outdoor activity accessible to children, seniors and people with disabilities.

Where to take off and land a paraglider at Lake Annecy?

The Col de La Forclaz is for most professionals and enthusiasts the best spot for paragliding flights over Lake Annecy. More generally, take-off and landing locations are concentrated around the towns of Talloires and Montmin, on the east shore of Lake Annecy.

Take-off locations:

  • Planfait near the adventure park "Forêt Aventure" direction Col de la Forclaz, 950 m above sea level, very popular spot.
  • Col de la Forclaz with free access for pilots and spectators.
  • Coche Cabane, an interesting alternative to the Col de la Forclaz if you prefer less frequented spots.
  • Grand Bornand at an altitude of over 2,000 m, ideal for flying over the Aravis range before reaching Lake Annecy.

Landing places:

  • Perroix in Talloires, 540 m above sea level.
  • Doussard at an altitude of 460 m, a spot where paragliders coexist with hang gliders and kites
  • Marlens at an altitude of 450 m between Faverges and Ugine.

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