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The lake edges

bord de lac du bourget

Situer le secteur

The shores of Lake Bourget have recently been enhanced by the renovation of the aquatic center, the small and large port and the Lamartine area, and newly developed banks are now pedestrians and cyclists. Le Bourget du Lac, Bourdeau, Tresserve, Brison-Saint-Innocent, Chindrieux, Conjux as many communes along the 18 km of Lake Bourget shore where 2/3 of the coast remained wild, and whose waters show on average 26 ° in summer. True corner of paradise the lake proposes with its many beaches a large number of activities soft or more active according to the desires. It should be noted that all lakeside areas are now known as "The Riviera of the Alps".

On the real estate side, the Tresserve hill and the village of Brison-Saint-Innocent remain very popular thanks to their proximity to Aix-Les-Bains and their dominant position on the lake. The villages further away with magnificent properties in the water or overlooking the lake enjoy a craze stronger and stronger with a price per m2 more attractive.