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Life annuity by BARNES Mont-Blanc, a patrimonial strategy for the future

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BARNES Mont-Blanc helps clients with asset management via a solution for the future: the Life Annuity.

For both owners and buyers, the benefits are numerous, and our tailor-made solutions meet current needs. The life annuity market is experiencing strong growth in response to current socio-economic demands.

Advantages of selling or buying under life annuity

As witnessed by the owners of more than 70 years, selling a property into life annuity provides a simple solution for clients to monetize their real estate heritage. It provides tax benefits and the possibility of helping one's relatives by facilitating capital exchange. This solution also fosters a way for clients to improve the quality of their retirement, while continuing to reside in their homes.

On the buyer's side, investing in a life annuity or bare ownership property creates a long-term patrimonial investment, meeting investors’ needs with high incomes and smaller real estate assets. Acquiring a property at a discounted price, since it is occupied by the seller, offers an excellent way medium to long-term investment opportunity, without the constraints of immediate rental management.

BARNES Mont-Blanc is well-positioned within the prestige life annuity market, with a French and international clientele (foreign residents, entrepreneurs, institutions). We work with distinguished partners, giving you the freedom to sell with complete peace of mind. Professional investors purchase bare ownership of the property, while allowing sellers to occupy the property until their death or for a defined number of years.

Possibilities of life annuity sales

Our tailor-made approach enables us to adapt to your specific situation. We offer a range of possibilities such as occupied life annuity, free life annuity, bare ownership (which allows the property to be rented out in the event of early release of the premises by the creditor), or term sale (which involves the younger sellers by limiting the duration of occupation as well as the payment of annuities).

  • With traditional life annuities, the purchaser pays a portion of the price, called the bouquet, at the time of the purchase of the assets.  The balance is paid for in the form of a life annuity covering the life of the salesman.
  • In the case of a bare ownership sale, also called dismemberment, the process is simplified through a lump-sum payment of the bouquet plus the totality of the life annuity on the date of the deed.
  • A bare ownership sale also allows the owners to sell their property while benefiting from a Right of Use and Dwelling (DUH) or a reservation of usufruct, until end of life or for a determined period of time. 
  • In the latter case, this would take place as a forward sale with the price and duration of use of the property both fixed at the time of the sale, thus eliminating any risk of uncertainty for both the seller and the buyer.

    We invite you to visit one of our BARNES Mont-Blanc group agencies to discover tailor-made solutions enabling you to achieve your life annuity purchase or sale goals, in the well-known areas of Savoie, Haute-Savoie and Ain

    Contact our Viager expert service, or reach out directly to our agencies at BARNES Megève, BARNES Aravis, BARNES Chamonix, BARNES Annecy, BARNES Aix-les-Bains, BARNES Pays-de-Gex and BARNES Genevois. All of our agencies are here to help you achieve your real estate goals with trusted professionals.

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