Life annuity sales in Chambéry

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Life annuity sales in Chambéry

Barnes, your agency specialized in life annuity in Chambéry

Barnes specializes in luxury real estate. The Barnes Mont-Blanc agency puts its expert life annuity department at your service to help you find exceptional property for sale as a free or occupied life annuity in Chambéry. The life annuity consists of a long sale, consisting of the payment of a bouquet at the signing and then a monthly annuity for life. In the context of an occupied life annuity, the seller retains the usufruct during his lifetime. The market value of his property is discounted based on the estimated number of life annuities that will be paid and their amount. As part of a free life annuity, there is no discount but the buyer can immediately enjoy the property, to live there or to earn rental income. Barnes supports you in the sale of your life annuity property in Chambéry, or in your search for property.

Sale in occupied life annuity and free life annuity in Chambéry

Are you looking for an apartment to buy in life annuity in Chambéry? Discover the listings of properties selected by our specialist life annuity teams with all the high standards that characterize Barnes. Whether you want a busy life annuity in Chambéry to benefit from a significant discount or a free life annuity to make an advantageous rental investment or immediately benefit from your property, you will find real estate excellence at Barnes: large-area houses in Chambéry, Aix -les-Bains and its surroundings, apartments with a view, beautiful villas with swimming pools and Alpine chalets with exceptional amenities. The Barnes Chambéry life annuity team, a specialist in the sector and with its years of experience in prestigious real estate, supports you throughout your property investment project. Estimates, advice, building relationships of trust and strategic support, we put all our expertise in life annuity at your service.