Artwork purchase

Artwork purchase

Would you like to invest in an original property? Get into the art market! Barnes Mont Blanc gives you 5 good reasons to buy a work of art.

An investment that reflects your personality

Hardly accessible to the general public, the art market is a closed world generally reserved for artists and collectors. People who decide to acquire a canvas, sculpture or other piece of art are people who have a strong personality and a sense of taste - even if it is questionable. Whether or not your hosts like the work that decorates your living room or library, they will have the feeling that you are a person who likes to assert his personality and convey his tastes through the works he buys. Furthermore, works of art are often associated with luxury, glamor and excellence.

An original decorative object

A sculpture in your garden or a painting above your leather sofa adds a personal and exclusive touch to your interior and your outdoor living spaces. A room gains in aesthetics when you place a work of art that goes well with the rest of the furniture. The force it gives off varies depending on the location. Do you like changes and new layouts? Occasionally move your work of art, and it will take on new meaning.

A symbol of culture

Having a work of art gives the impression of being a cultivated person. To acquire one, it is necessary to be well informed on the market, on the old and contemporary styles and on its author. You may have to wander the art galleries to find the gem, and converse with artists.

Support for artists

Buying a work of art is the best way to support artists and promote the dissemination of culture. Many creators fail to make a living from their passion. By buying their works, you help them pursue their dreams and build their celebrity.

A smart investment

The market is becoming more and more accessible. By searching, you can find a unique and quality piece for less than 100 €. It is now easy to consult the catalog of artists from around the world, and to select a work created thousands of kilometers away. To change the investment in luxury real estate, opt for the purchase of a work of art.

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