The best summer vacations are in the mountains

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Summer is fast approaching and with it, the sweet life, a beautiful sun high in the sky, and vacation time. To make sure you spend exceptional time with friends or family in a privileged and unique setting, a vacation in the mountains by renting a beautiful chalet in nature is a wise choice.

In order to find your corner of paradise in the French Alps, trust the expertise of the BARNES Mont-Blanc real estate agency and the wide variety of their portfolio of rental properties. These most beautiful chalets for rent are indeed at your disposal, you just have to choose: chalets with swimming pools and gyms, apartments in residential buildings offering all the services, a country house by a lake, or a farmhouse renovated by a talented architect with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Mont Blanc. Which one will be yours this summer?

Everyone vacations in the French Alps

The Alps resorts are renowned all over the world, each possessing its own unique character and ambiance and beautiful panoramas. Good news: rental chalets in the French Alps are even more affordable in the summer. The hardest part is choosing where …

Lovers of winters in Megève can only succumb to the traditional charm of this delightful village in the summers, renting an elegant chalet in the Mont-Arbois and Rocherbune domains to indulge in the sunny slopes of the Jaillet mountains. Prices for these magnificent luxury chalets are more affordable under the summer sun.

thletes will either want to rent a chalet in the heart of the mountains or in a residential area in town, such as the famous Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, also known as CHAM. Vacationers come from all over the world, in summer and winter, including the greatest mountaineers on the planet who want to continue to train in the summer. This mythical village has been able to maintain the soul of the mountains. Its authenticity is illustrated by its sublime wooden chalets, in which luxury has made a claim to stay before the majestic Mont-Blanc.

Saint-Gervais also offers a wide range of sports and recreational activities; its thermal baths, architecture, and Belle-Epoque palaces have an unparalleled reputation.

But even smaller resorts and little villages in the Alps hide (though not from us) beautiful chalets for rent. Don’t resist the call of the Alpine pastures, give in to a vacation far from civilization (but not too far) in a secluded chalet in the mountains.

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