Aravis Range, Prime Destination

The Aravis is a rocky mountain range facing Mont-Blanc, the highest point of which is La Pointe Percée at 2,752m.

The Aravis is a popular region for skiers, hikers and other mountain lovers, who come to internationally-renowned ski resorts such as La Clusaz and Le Grand Bornand. These two villages have managed to maintain the architectural style typical of Haute-Savoie, which adds to their charm and soul. With old traditional chalets, small hamlets and charming narrow lanes, these mountain resorts offer a truly amazing setting that combines tradition and modern comfort.

La Clusaz and Le Grand Bornand have gone to great lengths to build the infrastructure required to attract a wealthy clientele. Spas, cinemas, gastronomic restaurants, luxury hotels - everything is there to please even the most discerning clients during their stay in the Aravis.

The abiding style and sophistication of the region is also reflected in the local real estate market, where natural materials are combined harmoniously with contemporary design. La Clusaz and Le Grand Bornand offer luxury apartments and chalets with a cosy ambiance and truly breath-taking views.

The properties at one this week

Luxury property - Collonges-sous-Salève
€ 2,800,000
72 Rue Georges de Mestral
74160 Archamps
+33 (0)4 50 87 60 52