If there’s anywhere in the world where the Christmas spirit is as sure as it is pure, it’s in the heart of the famous village of Megève, situated in the Alps. Follow a proud St. Bernard and the smell of cinnamon to meet us at its mythical square.

Those lucky enough are there every year. More likely than not, they are the happy owners of a chalet or apartment, surrounded by an enchanting atmosphere. It’s not unusual for a “second family residence in Megève” to top the most demanding Christmas list.

Each year, both young and old take part in the age-old tradition of examining the sky, proclaiming themselves expert meteorologist, and offering up their best predictions for when the first snowflakes will start to cover the village square. Whether sooner or later, Mégevans know that home is where the magic happens.

From the first week of December, the charming village of Megève is decorated with thousands of lights. Chalets are embellished in a festive yet elegant style. A huge tree (more than 15 meters high) is erected in the village square. The lighting of the tree is a tradition as old as time and a fabulous event that marks the beginning of the season. How will it be “dressed” this year? It’s always a surprise but we can imagine it in blue, red, gold or Swarovski crystals … wonder guaranteed.

The Christmas holidays are in Megève, if...

  1. A White Christmas is non-negotiable
  2. Tradition is everything, and it starts in Megève
  3. You’re thinking of getting your skis customized in Swarovski

On the smaller side, a cozy mazot (a mini-chalet) will allow you to enjoy the warmth of an intimate Christmas bungalow, complete with hot chocolate and gingerbread that remind us of childhood pleasures.

Handsome horses are gathered in the square and wait patiently for a treat before or after a carriage ride in the village. As tradition obliges, the journey is an opportunity to admire the wonderful chalets of Mount Artois, Jaillet, and Rochebrune.

So much to do, so much to see, but it is customary to meet at the town center after a day of skiing the snowy slopes or exploring the magic of Megève.

Children are kept busy and enchanted by the many activities dedicated to them: scavenger hunts, Christmas sculptures, sled dogs enthusiastically wagging their tails. Make sure to register for the torchlight descent, a must-go event to make magical memories. The town hall values innovation and tradition, making every effort to host activities that surprise and delight residents and visitors. Without doubt, each year is more spectacular than the last!

If one thing is certain, it’s that the village comes alive with holiday spirit during the Christmas season. On December 24th, don’t panic - though toddlers are known to worry if their presents will arrive at the right address. Santa Claus wouldn’t miss the chance to visit one of the most famous villages in the Alps for anything in the world. After all, there’s a chalet waiting for him (or her) at the foot of the Christmas tree.

No question about it, Christmas will be in Megève, if...

  1. This year, you’re not asking for jewelry but the chalet of your dreams
  2. You like hot wine, but only after a torchlit descent
  3. Nothing can stop you, you’ll be there with bells on

Photo Credit: © 2017 We love ski