'Mageva' is not a Tahitian island but Megève’s Celtic name, meaning “built on water.” And before becoming one of the most famous ski resorts on the planet, Megève was favored not for its snowy slopes but for its fertile land.

Megève is unique for many reasons. The most striking (and the most obvious) is the overwhelming sensation of wonder that rushes through visitors when they enter the village square. For generations, Megève has been a magnet for investors from all over the world. The sequence is typically as follows: discover Megève, fall in love with Megève and remain faithful to Megève forever. And as if by magic, Megève has managed to preserve its own magic, beauty, and charm over time.

Back in the 20s, mégevan farmers invented the first ski slopes as well as the first ski competitions. However, we had to wait until 1933 for the first cable car to be built in France, which happened to be the one in Rochebrune, known as the famous 'benne rouge' ( red dump truck in English) a favorite toy of all the children who’ve stayed in these beautiful mountains. The premise of Megève’s success was put perfectly into words by the mountaineer Mathilde Maige-Lefournier: 'I think that Megève was created for ski and ski invented for Megève.'

The Rothschild family also contributed to the village’s development, settling in Mont d'Arbois. Megève expanded, climbing up the mountain. Chalets, each more majestic than the next, keep with the traditions of chalets of the past. Along the bends of the mountains, you’ll be delighted to discover incredible architecture integrated with the surrounding nature and panorama of the mountain massifs. The result is a harmonious combination of glass, the gray stones so typical of Savoy, and carved wood in line with the art of the region.

The charm of a village

The medieval village, its 12th-century priory, narrow cobblestoned pedestrian streets (only horse-drawn carriages are allowed in the city center), its old houses made of wood and stone, and farms dating back to the olden days make up Megève’s charm. Residential spaces in the city center have been the subject of extraordinary restorations, offering buyers luxury apartments with lavish decor and warm comfort. And Megève has exquisite taste; the SIAA (Salon Inter Alpine Architecture Aménagement) could only happen in Megève.

Some resorts’ reputations are made on skiing, however, Megève owes its notoriety not only to its 3 ski areas, but especially to the ambiance of its village and elegant clientele. The point of rendezvous is always at the village square, in front of one of the 2 town halls (of Megève and Demi-Quartier), the church or the famous AAllard boutique. Children and adults alike are unable to resist a ride through the village in a horse-drawn carriage, a shopping session or hot chocolate in one of Megève’s excellent hotels. The village is lively and happy. During the end of the year holidays, visitors come from far, wide, and the surrounding resorts to admire the famous (gigantic) Christmas tree and enjoy the ambiance of Megève.

A large number of residents live in beautiful renovated apartments or individual chalets in the center of the village so that they can take advantage of the village’s atmosphere day and night, as well as its restaurants, bar-lounges, shops, luxury hotels and their comfortable spas and restaurants, etc. Ski lovers are not forgotten, the village has access to the slopes via the Caboche gondola lift or the Rochebrune cable car (voila).

Live in the center of the village of Megève, if …

  1. For you, ski vacations begin après-ski, and in the center of the village
  2. You’ve been dreaming of renovating a sheepfold since early childhood
  3. The ski pants at AAllard fit you like a glove, end of story.

The magic of Mont-Blanc

Megève is wrapped in a protective case, surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the Mont-Blanc mountain range, 3 massifs and 3 ski areas: Rochebrune, Mont-d'Arbois, and Jaillet, that together total more than 450 km (approx. 280 miles) of slopes for ski enthusiasts to enjoy.

The region’s magnificent hilly landscape is only enhanced by its luxury buildings created by talented architects. With ingenuity, they’ve built (and continue to build) residences of unmatched comfort and luxury in 3 areas of the resort and revisit the chalets and homes in the center of the village that are part of the cultural heritage.

Megève attracts vacationers from all over the world and, since the village is alive all year round, Genevans and neighbors only 45 minutes away as well as the Lyonnais with a 2-hour journey. Megève is an international resort. Although its loyal population is mostly French (approx. 70%), this mythical village of Savoy attracts a Swiss, as well as an international diverse, clientele. Investing in an apartment or chalet in Megève is one of the safest real estate investments because the rental market is dynamic in all seasons. Residents near the resort rent out their homes in season, and in October the apartments and chalets are stormed.

You will have to choose your neighborhood, the location of your future chalet, in total serenity to enjoy the sweetness of life in one of the most mythical and elegant resorts in France and Europe. Megève is also a gourmet resort that honors gastronomy and tasty regional products, with its 45 farms and local producers, and 89 restaurants - 3 of which are starred - enough to delight our most demanding taste buds. But let's not get distracted, here are some more precious details about your potential home in the Alps.

The district of Rochebrune (the first to be developed), located in the heart of the village, is highly sought after and stocked with many chalets and upscale residences. You can walk to the center of the village - forget the car - and head out, skis on shoulders, to the famous Rochebrune cable car. You’ll have direct access in minutes to the beautiful ski area, many hiking or mountain-biking trails, restaurants at high altitude, and a paragliding takeoff area for those of you who are more adventurous.

Mont d'Arbois, the land of the Rothschilds, is also one of the resort’s most popular areas. More often than not, the chalets are huge, some even come with a swimming pool and spa. This large hamlet is located on the heights of Megève with a golf course known for hosting famous tournaments. The ski area is very sunny and well-connected to the Domaine de Rochebrune via a modern cable car. These restaurants at high altitudes (such as Les Mandarins, L’Ideal ...) are trendy meeting spots for top-rated skiers. And the alpine farms are very fashionable.

Le Jaillet, the youngest, is experiencing a strong growth with families, with its beautiful chalets of light wood illuminated by the sun. It’s a magical place for hiking in the forest, snowshoeing, and skiing. The area extends between Savoie and Haute-Savoie, 100 km (approx. 62 miles) of slopes with a wide variety of snow sports to choose from.

So let’s go … On your marks, get set, ski!

The chalet of your dreams will be in Megève, if ...

  1. You follow your heart, Saint-Tropez in summer and Megève in winter
  2. You wouldn’t miss the mogul skiing competition at the European Cup for anything in the world, of the ski of Bosses, as a spectator to be precise
  3. Ski rhymes with cuisine