Dominating, imposing, majestic, offering spectacular views of the Jura, Vosges and the Massif Central mountains, it’s the largest, most beautiful and highest peak in Western Europe: the Mont Blanc.

4,808 - 4,809 or 4,810 meters above sea level, which says it better? We’ll leave the debate to our mountaineer friends. At BARNES Mont-Blanc, we’re picky enough when it comes to the square-meter, but we won’t pick this fight just yet.

On the contrary, everyone unanimously agrees on the sublime beauty and breathtaking panorama of the Alps. For this reason, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc is unique and one of the most in-demand vacation resorts in the French Alps by an international clientele. Better known as “Cham”, the resort attracts mountain enthusiasts from around the world, even from Kathmandu. We’re serious, it’s inevitable that you’ll run into Nepalis in town - many of them leave their beloved Mount Everest to train on our big peaks. Love for the mountains has no borders, all nationalities speak the same language - that of culminating points - and find themselves together in Chamonix. The Franco-Italian debate over the sovereignty of the Mont Blanc has long been forgotten (but we advise avoiding the subject). And if you want to raise your children in a multilingual, multicultural environment, choose Cham.

You will definitely choose Chamonix, if ...

  1. You like to hang out in a box, 5 glass walls, 1,000 feet of nothing under your feet
  2. You have 'MB' tattooed on the shoulder (luckily, your love, Marie-Beth, isn’t jealous)
  3. Kathmandu is a little too far - and the snow is too soft, said Nathalie Morin from Les Bronzés

A village of eternal charm

The charm of Chamonix is not new. The buzz around the village started with 2 Englishmen who published the story of their expedition on the Sea of Ice in a literary gazette, in 1741. When a road was built, visitors surged, and then shortly after flooded the trains. Luxury hotels have been developing since the 19th century. And when the Compagnie des Guides was created, the resort’s reputation skyrocketed. The final blessing was the advent of skiing - you know, on 2 wooden boards - the first winter sports competition and, above all, the 1924 Olympic Winter Games.

A little history lesson won’t bore you in the slightest, because the resort’s atmosphere is magical. The history of Chamonix lives on through its residents, as anecdotes are told and exchanged in the resort’s many restaurants, cafes and places of comfort.

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc is truly a resort like no other. A sanctuary for devoted mountaineers and vacationers, all who visit become family.

Chamoniards are the soul of the village, and among them are prestigious guides, mountaineers, skiers, hikers, children of the mountains, and you, and us. Its special atmosphere comes from the exhilaration and charm of its magnificent chalets, cobblestone streets, welcoming shops and pedestrian streets.

This little village was nurtured by the passion of Alps enthusiasts. The “village spirit” lives on. Beautiful neighborhoods have emerged as groups of hamlets with prestigious luxury or family chalets. Luxury residences welcome families on vacation and offer services to provide guests with the maximum comfort. Ask your BARNES agent to visit different areas and residential neighborhoods, such as Le Praz, Nants, Pècles, Bois or even Tines. The immense attraction to the Mont Blanc largely contributes to Chamonix’s extremely dynamic real estate market. From a “mazot” to a huge chalet with a pool, a small cozy apartment to an ultra-luxurious penthouse, Chamonix offers all types of residencies in a mythical setting. Buying real estate in Chamonix means treating yourself to peace of mind, in terms of optimizing your investment, whether to resale or rent your property. With an average of 2.5 million visitors per year, the city's economy is also booming.

Chamonix is not only a city for adventurers, explorers or sports enthusiasts. In Cham, there are all types of athletes and non-athletes as a result of its many cultural, sport and meditative activities in summer and winter. The resort is alive all year long. You can find all the world’s most upscale amenities in Chamonix: luxury boutiques and stores selling professional equipment, big hotels, spas, gourmet restaurants, theme parks, adventure parks, an ice skating rink, dog sledding, golf courses ... There’s no time (or reason) to get bored.

Your chalet will be in Chamonix, if ...

  1. You are a true lover of the extreme ... beauty
  2. You've always been a fan of the Mont-Blanc, the mountain and the dessert
  3. You can already imagine it: your chalet decorated in all white, facing the Mont Blanc