The French Alps, a privileged destination for HNWI

No need to look behind fir trees or for footprints in the fresh snow at the onset of winter. High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) don’t hide, quite the contrary, they find themselves in their favorite resorts in the French Alps.

These destinations chosen by big names in the worlds of business, art, and entertainment may be scattered around the world, but from the first snowfall of the season, they head to the most beautiful panoramas and most prestigious resorts in the Alps. We'll explain why.

Chic authenticity

Because it's already written in your family history, because its atmosphere is unique, because, despite worldwide notoriety, Megève has managed to remain this little authentic village nestled in the heart of Mont-Blanc country.

The magnificent chalets respect the Savoyard architecture and the environment. Wood, stone, and noble materials are highlighted in Rochebrune, Mont d’Arbois and the Jaillet. Above all, it is also a chic and elegant meeting place of HNWI, not to mention where the Allard spindle was created in 1930. Even with a helmet and a mask, skiers respect the latest trends. Megève is a resort for skiers and non-skiers alike. We come to Megève to share moments together, with family and friends. So we find ourselves in a good mood on the slopes for lunch in casual attire. Megève is and will always be the resort of savoir-vivre.

A vacation home in Megève is necessary if...

  1. You like winters as much as summers in Megève
  2. You learned to ski at the Piou Piou, your descendants will do the same
  3. You have a date at the village square with Santa Claus on the same day every year.

Launching now

Between Chamonix-Mont-Blanc and Val-d'Isère, hearts of the HNWI are torn. One thing is certain, the residents of these 2 beautiful resorts have a priority: level of descents. Beautiful and high quality, owners are equally demanding with the luxury and prestige of their home. Whether they are high-end apartments in town or beautiful chalets in the mountains, they are decked in comfort, taste, and authenticity. At these 2 cosmopolitan resorts, we meet HNWI from all over the world who share the same passion and a common language, that of the mountain.

It will be Chamonix or Val-d'Isère, if...

  1. You like the air more on mountain tops
  2. Mythical trails are for you
  3. Champion in life, champion on the skis

Snow-capped luxury

Snow-capped luxury

Resorts in the Alps attract a demanding clientele not only seeking the beauty of the mountains but also all the most luxurious and sophisticated services that will make the most of such an idyllic setting.

If you want to make an intelligent investment in one of these coveted destinations, here are HNWI’s top 5 resorts: Courchevel, located in Les Trois Vallées ski region, appreciated as much for its skiing as for its luxurious and festive atmosphere. The chalets are majestic, with private swimming pools and spas, the resort is full of starry hotels and even palaces, major brand boutiques and gourmet restaurants. Parties are extravagant, with excellent service; just ask and whatever it is will be brought to you on a silver platter with white gloves.

A little more discreet, but just as loved and invested in by a very affluent clientele, Meribel is also located in Les Trois Vallées ski region. Buyers of beautiful chalets and apartments in Meribel have a reputation of being a little more sporty than their neighbors in Courchevel. They love the traditional Savoyard character in the 5 villages of Meribel, with every luxury available. But we’ll let you make your own opinion.

A chalet in the Les Trois Vallées, if not nothing, if...

  1. You like to wake up with the sun in Meribel
  2. You like to dance in ski shoes in Courchevel
  3. You simply like skiing in the world's largest ski area