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The charm of the village

megeve centre ville

Situer le secteur

The village, or downtown, is the heart of Megève. Most of the shops, hotels, restaurants are grouped around the church and the town hall, on the famous village square, where every winter the fir tree is illuminated. The secondary residents appreciate the abundance of the village in seasons, which proposes many events, in winter as in summer. The Chamois ski lifts, located opposite the tourist office, provide access to the Rochebrune slopes from the city center, then to Mont d'Arbois thanks to the Rocharbois connection.

The medieval village, its priory of the 12th century, narrow pedestrian streets and paved (only horse-drawn carriages are allowed in the city center), its old houses of stone and wood and the farms of yesteryear are the charm of Megève. Its homes in the city center have been the subject of extraordinary restorations and offer buyers luxury apartments with luxurious decoration and warm comfort. Megève is the exquisite taste, besides the SIAA, Salon Inter Alpine Architecture Aménagement could only take place in Megève.

Some resorts make their reputation thanks to skiing, Megève owes its notoriety not only to its 3 ski areas, but also and especially to the atmosphere of its village and the elegant clientele of the resort. The rendez-vous point is central on the village square, in front of one of the 2 town halls (those of Megève and Demi-Quartier), the church or the famous AAllard shop (no, it's not a shell , from the name of the spindle inventor). Children and adults can not resist a ride in the village by horse-drawn carriage, a shopping session or hot chocolate in one of the superb hotels in Megève. The village is lively and happy. During the end of year holidays, visitors come from far and surrounding resorts to admire the famous Christmas tree (gigantic) and live the atmosphere of Megève.

On the real estate side, the center of the village is mainly composed of condominiums of excellent quality. There are also some individual cottages, very popular for seasonal rentals. Many new programs are emerging, at prices close to, or even exceeding, those of Mont d'Arbois.

A large number of residents live in the center of the village in beautiful renovated apartments or individual chalets, in order to benefit from the atmosphere of the village day and night, the restaurants, the lounges, the tradesmen, the comfort of the spas and restaurants of luxury hotels, etc. Ski lovers are not forgotten, access to the slopes is in the village, with the Caboche gondola or the cable car Rochebrune (here it is).