Le Bettex

le bettex

Situer le secteur

Le Bettex, culminating at an altitude of 1400m, guarantees an optimal snow layer every winter. Only 10 minutes away from Saint-Gervais by road or cable car, Le Bettex is the starting and finishing point of all the ski slopes in the Saint-Gervais area, gateway to the Evasion Mont-Blanc ski domain. A ski slope slides directly from the top of the domain to the center of the village. The cable car is open all year round and during all seasons.

Two roads connect Le Bettex to Saint-Gervais : The Orsin road offers a breathtaking view of Mont-Blanc all along. The Route de Cupelin displays views of the Aravis first, before revealing stunning views of the Mont-Blanc on th higher part. La Ferme de Cupelin is a renowned gourmet restaurant in the area, located at Le Bettex.

On the real estate side, prices vary depending on the exposure, the location and the proximity to the ski area, because Le Bettex is the most sought-after area of Saint-Gervais, offering truly beautiful views of the Mont-Blanc mountain range.