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Situer le secteur

Sub-prefecture of Ain, capital of the natural and historic region of the Pays de Gex, the city of Gex counts 12,000 inhabitants and stretches from the top of the Haute Chaine du Jura to the plain of the Geneva Lake. Located 15 km from the Geneva international airport, Gex provides easy access to all European cities as well as to the rest of France.

Gex is also famous for one beautiful road, the D1005, for it is the fastest way to reach the north of the county, as well as it offers truly stunning views: splendid colors by the road, hiking trails and unique panorama on the chain of the Alps by foot which, according to Jean-Jacques Rousseau, is be the most beautiful viewing point in Europe. The Gex sector invites you, on foot or by chairlift, to climb up to Mont-Rond to discover THE panoramic and exceptional 360° view to admire Geneva, Lake Geneva, Lausanne and the neighboring Jura.

A sporty city with its Alpine ski resort at the Col de la Faucille or the Vattay resort for cross-country skiing, Gex is also known for its gastronomy with its Bleu de Gex, this marbled cheese labelled since 1935. Strong by its personality, Gex is not surrounded by the neighboring municipalities of Echenevex, Cessy, Vesancy, Chevry, Crozet *, Lélex *, Segny which all offer a diversity of styles, village hearts, all different and so close to each other.

* Crozet-Lélex resort: sharing 2 sides of a mountain where it is always good to ski or walk with the family in all seasons.