demi quartier megeve

Situer le secteur

Demi-Quartier is a small village located between Megève and Combloux, on the two sides of the mountain. With properties further away from each other than in Megève, the southern side of Demi-Quartier offers exceptional views of the Mont-Blanc mountain range. The areas of Vauvray, Odier and Ormaret are in high demand for both primary and secondary residence, due to the peaceful atmosphere and the view they provide. On the northern side of Demi-Quartier is the ski lift of La Princesse, well known amongst ski enthousiasts. 

The the real estate market is very dynamic in Demi-Quertier, counting individual Chalets, traditional and renovated famrs. All of these property have somthing in common: space and peace. Many of them are located on agricultural lots, ide, Demi-Quartier is very dynamic, with individual chalets selling there at prices comparable to those in Megève. There are traditional farms, renovated farms, new chalets, with one thing in common: space. Many lots are located in agricultural areas, allowing for authentic space and astounding views of the Mont-Blanc. Demi-Quartier prices are comparable to Megève.