Dog sledding at Notre-Dame de Bellecombe

Chien de traîneau Notre-Dame de Bellecombe

An immersion in nature

Nestled in the heart of the French Alps, Notre-Dame de Bellecombe, a mountain village, seduces with its authentic charm and its varied snow activities. Indeed, the village offers vast open spaces, so it is the ideal place for dog sledding, an experience that combines tradition, thrill and communion with nature. Embark on a dog sled adventure at Notre-Dame de Bellecombe and admire the majestic landscapes.

History and tradition of sled dogs

Originally from the Arctic regions, indigenous peoples such as the Inuit used these robust and cold-resistant animals for transport and travel in sometimes extreme weather conditions. This practice has survived and continued over the centuries, evolving over time to become the sport and tourist attraction we know today.

At Notre-Dame de Bellecombe, this northern tradition has been marvelously integrated into the local identity. If the first dog sleds in the region were mainly used for transporting people and goods during the winter, over the years they have become a true symbol of winter adventure. In the heart of the snow-capped mountains, this alpine village has succeeded in perpetuating this heritage and adapting it to the evolution of tourism while respecting the traditions and the natural environment of the region and thus offering visitors a unique experience of dog walking. of sled.

Dog handlers, called mushers, maintain and respect this tradition with a deep attachment. Their job goes far beyond simply driving a sled: it is a relationship of trust and mutual respect between them and their dogs. They take care of their pack throughout the year, ensuring their health, well-being and training. In return, the dogs offer their strength and dedication, making every ride a real adventure.

Dog Sledding at Notre Dame de Bellecombe

Dog sledding at Notre-Dame de Bellecombe: a unique experience

Dog sledding at Notre-Dame de Bellecombe is much more than just a tourist activity. They offer a deep and enriching immersion in nature, a communion with dogs and an escape into the calm and beauty of the alpine winter. Go for a ride at the head of a team, or in the sled of the Musher, the dog handler. You will have plenty of time to contemplate the landscapes of Val d'Arly and Beaufortain, letting yourself be pulled, installed in a sled and pulled by a crew of specially trained dogs. It is a family activity, which does not require any particular physical condition. 

Different types of walks are offered by Experience Mountain and are suitable for all the family: 

BabyTraîneau or learning to sled dogs 

Children from 3 to 7 years old can learn to drive dog sleds in a specially dedicated play area. 

Driving 1 hour 

For 1 hour, you can discover the activity of musher accompanied by a supervisor. A real moment of sharing with the team, from the age of 12. 

Driving ½ day

For half a day, you will discover the activity of musher behind a supervisor. Activity possible from 10 years old. 

Hiking Adventure

Aboard the musher's sled, you can take the time to admire the surrounding landscapes. It is a total immersion at the rhythm of the hitch, and this for the whole family. 

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