The Aravis Trail

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In the sublime massif of Aravis, come live a race to DNA completely nature. Breathe the mountain at the Aravis Trail

The Aravis trail, a mountain race with magnificent landscapes

For 12 years now, the Aravis Trail has gathered many runners around values that make up a winning recipe to believe the growing number of registered each year.

The initiators of this mountain trail are firmly committed to the beauty of their region and the preservation of the environment and expect no less from the participants. They first base the event on the quality of human relations and the well being of the athletes.

The first asset of this Trail, it is the huge outdoor sports ground that form the mountains of Mont Chalat, Sulens, Charvin and Aravis.

The tests are demanding, the elevations are important and in the mountains, the weather can change very quickly. They require a prior experience of mountain trail, serious preparation and a good knowledge of his personal limits. If this type of race is by definition difficult, some ingredients such as the breathtaking landscapes, the variety of terrain and a friendly atmosphere guaranteed by the many volunteers and rescue teams who watch over the competitors make Aravis trail a event to which many are attached. Finally, the reception, departure and arrival of the races take place at the Espace Cœurs des Vallees Thônes to facilitate the daily life of the riders and their companions throughout the duration of the event.

5 sizes of running in the Aravis massif

The Craft-Aravis Trail offers three individual races, a team trail and a friendly Family course.

Craft Tariblo

You have to know the mountain trail and have already run long distances to try this course of 65 km with elevations of +/- 4 000 meters.

Beginning on the slopes of Mont Lachat, he made runners down the plateau of Forgeassoud and then go back to the alp and join a first point of supply to Plan du Bourgeal. Then, another very steep part in the forest massif followed by a descent on varied terrain towards the Croix Fry pass. Then comes the rolling terrain of a Nordic ski slope and the arrival at the second refueling point. Before reaching Mont Sulens, the last summit of the day, it will again face steep slopes, cross beautiful pastures and pass through the summit of Orsière. Finally, the trailers will cross the passes of La Botte and Plan Bois before descending into the forest towards the finish.

Craft Volontera

Fans accustomed to mountain trail will appreciate this 49 km uphill climb of +/- 3 100 meters.

Single tracks, pleasant trails, forest roads, very steep slopes with breathtaking views of the Aravis succeed from departure on the east side of Mont Lachat to Mont Sulens and the Col de Plan Bois before arrival.

Craft Deufe

Over 20 km and with a drop of +/- 1,300 meters, this event will be better suited to those who want to learn about trail running.


This trail in a team of two, 35 km long, takes runners on less traveled terrain with some 360 ° panoramas on the Aravis. Designed for real mountaineers, the course requires to cross a few air passages for which they will have to equip a harness and lanyards.


It is a circuit of 5 km with a slight difference in level through the Round Table and the Chapel of the walls. Dotted with entertainment, it is mainly intended for accompanying trailers and aims to discover the heritage of the Thônes Valley. Registration for this race is on site.

Dates and registration on the Aravis trail

Registrations are exclusively on the website of the association:

For the 12th edition of June 20, 2020, the registration session will be launched in November 2019. 

The event is open to men and women - aged 20 years minimum - of all nationalities.

To register, you must first complete the form for the chosen race and pay online. Then comes the moment to transmit via the site an Athlé Competition license, Athlé Entreprise, Athlé Running, a "I like to run" pass, a sports license or a valid medical certificate at the time of the competition. The registration will be definitively validated only after the supply of these elements

Rates 2019

The rates for each race vary according to the registration date (before mid-April and mid-April to the week before the race). 

  • Tariblo: from 69 to 74 € + cancellation insurance 7 € 
  • Volontera: from 49 to 54 € + cancellation insurance 5 € 
  • Deufe: single price 20 € + cancellation insurance 3 € 
  • Alpi: single rate at 90 € per team + cancellation insurance 15 €