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Paragliding in Saint Gervais les Bains

paragliding saint gervais

Accessible to all, the paragliding experience is unique in its kind: gentle or thrilling depending on the instructor's maneuvers, it will satisfy all your desires for an aerial escape from the heights of Saint-Gervais.

Discover Saint Gervais Mont Blanc by paraglider with Air St-Ger

The Air St-Ger paragliding school is based in the heart of Saint-Gervais, near the town hall. The team will take you by 4x4 to the green take-off areas, on the heights of the village. In the morning, flights take place on the Mont d´arbois side, with a magnificent panorama of the Mont-Blanc massif and its needles. In the afternoons, the paragliders take off on the Prarion side, facing the Aravis and Fiz chains. In any case, paragliding flights with Air St-Ger are also an opportunity to fly over Saint-Gervais. The club offers flights in summer as well as in winter, with contrasting landscapes. It is therefore an activity to practice whatever the season of your stay in a vacation rental in Saint-Gervais. The paragliding school offers you a new way to discover the highest peak in Europe: in the most total plenitude, like eagles, with a limitless 360 ° view of the massif, the valley, ski slopes and alpine villages. All year round, Air St-Ger's instructors invite you to board a two-seater paraglider alongside them, and let their expert maneuvers carry you along. Passionate about their massif, they will guide you throughout the flight to help you find your way.

Summer flights

In summer, Air St-Ger offers various paragliding baptisms. The formulas all include transport to the take-off site. An additional 25 euros for the HD video of the flight is optional. The prices are decreasing from 3 people. The club organizes 4 types of summer tandem flight:

  • Marmotton, a gentle flight designed for children up to 8 years old, priced at 65 euros.
  • Walk, a morning flight of about fifteen minutes, departure from the mountain pastures of Mont d'Abois with landing near the Saint-Gervais swimming pool, at the price of 85 euros, from 6 years old
  • Rando, a flight of 20 to 30 minutes in the afternoon, with a panorama of the Aravis, Fiz and Mont Blanc, for 115 euros, from 12 years old
  • Altitude, an aerial escape of 45 to 50 minutes with thrills to the key, which takes place in the afternoon. Price of 140 euros. Minimum weight of 50 kg.

Winter flights

A very original experience if you stay in a vacation rental in Saint-Gervais during the winter period, the winter paragliding flights offer a breathtaking snow-covered landscape. Takeoff and landing are most often done by ski or snowboard, directly on the ski area. In this case, a second star ski level is recommended (confirmed level for snowboarding).

5 options are available to you if you want to try the adventure of a winter paragliding flight:

  • Discovery, with a vertical drop of about 350 meters and a ski or snowboard landing at the foot of the Montjoux chairlift (50 euros)
  • Performance, with a ski, snowboard or pedestrian landing: 500 meters of vertical drop from Montjoux to the Ideal chairlift or on Megève for paragliders on foot (80 euros)
  • Panoramic: 700 meters of vertical drop, from Montjoux to the Mont d'Arbois gondola, by ski or snowboard only (100 euros)
  • Prestige, 950 meters of vertical drop from the highest point of Mont Joly to the Ideal chairlift, among other possibilities for grandiose itineraries, by ski, snowboard or pedestrian (110 euros)
  • Topicîmes, an aerial ride of 1300 meters of vertical drop, with a takeoff from Mont Joly and a landing in Saint-Gervais or Megève, by ski or snowboard (160 euros with free HD video).

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