Leloluce, a Savoyard at the top of her art


A look back at the extraordinary career of Leloluce, a painter and sculptor from Savoy, listed among the top 100 international contemporary artists.

Leloluce, a destiny off the beaten track

Born Lucie Legrand, and driven by a passion for art since childhood, the beaming French artist Leloluce has followed an unusual path to achieving her current success. First, it was a Master's Degree in accounting and management, then a career as a chartered accountant that Leloluce chose in her early years. As you can see, these beginnings are far from the paintings and sculptures for which Leloluce is now famous. But it was through her love of art that Lucie decided to become a lecturer, and then, still far from imagining such a destiny,  she decided to devote herself fully to creation. A unique path deserving of much praise, and which today allows her to live out her passion and to enhance the daily lives of her many clients.

Indeed, the young artist has blossomed into an inspired and brilliant creator whose vocation is to spread happiness and joy. Of Savoyard origin, Leloluce lives, paints and sculpts today mainly between Annecy and Aix-les-Bains, but also enjoys traveling around the world while brightening it with her colourful works. Her art, which is deep, full of vitality, sometimes phantasmagorical yet never disturbing, breaks with the theme of the dark and tormented artist to instead enlighten, illuminate and warm our hearts.

Ultimately, her formula is universal, and has seduced people from afar, seeing as Leloluce is now referenced on the contemporary art market and has garnered numerous international awards.

leloluce dans ses oeuvres

Animated, inspiring, unstructured: the works of Leloluce

Leloluce's world abounds with colour, emotion and joie de vivre. Her paintings are mainly created with acrylic paint, which brings light and vivacity to the colours, and with resin on canvas for its frank and brilliant shine.

In her portraits of women, the virtuosity of her brush is revealed: in the midst of vivid and contrasting colours, the eyes of Leloluce's muses pierce with a bewitching intensity. In a style that combines street art, pop art and cubism, other paintings play with the destructuring of faces and forms, drawing the public into a maze of vibrant colours and vitality. She frequently invites the ubiquitous figures of our childhood comics and cartoons into her art: Garfield, Mickey Mouse, Tweety Bird... staged in pop, psychedelic and stimulating settings.

The Savoyard artist also sets herself apart with her sculptures, which combine the pop universe and the art of graffiti with an overall elegance and refinement. The cat, a talisman figure inhabiting Leloluce’s world in all its forms, is embodied by her sculptor's hand in "Lelocat", a representation that is both elegant and curved, fluid, hand-worked, coloured and lacquered with acrylic and resin.

les dernières oeuvres de Leloluce

Events, partnerships and awards: Leloluce's track record

With temporary group and solo exhibitions in the most prestigious museums (the Grand Palais, the Louvre, Art Nordic Copenhagen, Espace Paul Ricard in Lyon, LuExpo the Box in Luxembourg...) and a presence in the permanent collections of Gallery 27 in Dubai, Leloluce is a key international figure in contemporary art, whose works are celebrated world-wide.

The excellence of her work has been recognised by numerous awards, including the Public’s Prize at the Art and Design Show in Paris in 2018, the Revelation of the Art Shopping show at the Carrousel du Louvre, the Top 100 International Contemporary Artists, and the gold medal at the Art Show 2021 exhibition in Paris.

Leloluce's work is intended for companies, a way for her to take art out of museums and make it more accessible to everyday life. As a link between the highest realm of art and the public, the artist collaborates with major brands, customizing their products and integrating their logos into her paintings and creations.

As such, across various partnerships and events, her Lelocats have taken on the colours of Coco Chanel, Hermès, or even Barnes, as seen with the Barnes Mont-Blanc trophy at the prestigious Aixles-Bains Golf Club, one of the many golf tournaments organised by our prestigious estate agencies.

The Barnes Mont-Blanc group is delighted to see the BARNES International brand featured in the works of a well-known artist from the Savoy region, in this case the renowned "Lelocat" in several colours, which you will find below: 

lelocat gris BARNES Internationallelocat grey BARNES International

lelocat noir BARNES Internationallelocat black BARNES International

lelocat rouge BARNES Internationallelocat red BARNES International