The French Alps, where HNWIs play

The French Alps, where HNWIs play

You don’t need to look between the pine trees or for footprints in the snow when winter comes. HNWIs - High Net Worth Individuals - aren’t hiding in the woods; they are at their favorite ski resorts in the French Alps!

In the summer, the top players in business, art and show biz travel to destinations spread around the planet, but as soon as the first snowflakes fall, they all converge on the most beautiful settings and luxurious locations in the Alps. We'll tell you why.

Chic and traditional

Because your family has always come here, because it has a unique energy, because Megève is still a small, traditional village in the heart of the Mont-Blanc region, despite its international fame.

The gorgeous chalets are built according to Savoyard architecture and respect the environment. In Rochebrune, Mont d'Arbois and Jaillet, you will see wood, stone and quality materials. This is also the chic and elegant meeting place of HNWIs; let’s not forget that Maison Allard debuted the famous fuseau ski pants here in 1930. Even under their helmets and masks, the skiers are always sporting the latest trends. Megève is the resort for laid-back skiers and non-skiers alike. We come to Megève to enjoy a good time with family and friends. So, we hit the slopes with a smile for a relaxed lunch in casual wear. Megève is and has always been the ski resort where life is good.


You love the winters in Megève almost as much as the summers

You learned to ski at Piou-Piou, and you want your children to do the same

You plan to see Santa Claus at the village square on the same day every year

The competition is on

HNWIs can’t seem to decide on their favorite between Mont-Blanc and Val d’Isère. One thing is for sure, both resorts have something in common: the altitude. This is serious skiing atop the snowy peaks. We want, big, beautiful, quality. The residents demand the same of their luxury homes. From high-end apartments in the city to gorgeous chalets in the mountains, they exude comfort, taste and tradition. These two cosmopolitan ski resorts host HNWIs from around the world. They all speak the same language and share the same passion: the mountains.


You take a deep breath on the high peaks and fill your lungs with oxygen, despite the altitude!

The legendary slopes are all for you

You’re a champion in life, champion on skis

You see luxury as dusted with snowflakes


The ski resorts in the Alps play the luxury card to attract this high-end clientele who seek not only the beauty of the mountains, but also the most exclusive and sophisticated services possible to enjoy this idyllic setting in incredible comfort.

You can invest intelligently in one of these coveted places right now. Here are the top 5 favorite ski resorts of HNWIs. First of all, Courchevel in the gorgeous 3 Vallées ski region, known both for its skiing and luxurious and festive atmosphere. The chalets are gorgeous, the pools are private and the spas are countless. The resort has plenty of luxury hotels and even palaces and the luxury boutiques and fine dining restaurants reinvent themselves each season. Where the parties are extravagant and service is king... just ask for it and it will be brought to you with white gloves on a silver platter.

Méribel, also in the 3 Vallées area, is a bit more discreet, but still home to a very wealthy clientele. Owners of the beautiful chalets and apartments in Méribel have a reputation of being a bit more athletic than their neighbors in Courchevel. They love the traditional Savoyard feeling and luxury of the 5 villages of Méribel. But we'll let you make up your own mind.


You like to wake up with the sun in Méribel

You like to dance in your ski boots in Courchevel

You simply love to ski in the world’s largest ski area