BARNES Mont-Blanc: Always the best in luxury real estate!

BARNES Mont-Blanc: Always the best in luxury real estate!

Exceptional snow cover during the winter of 2017-2018 and the Macron effect are boosting investment in the mountains. According to David Prétot, Chamonix and Megève have undeniable advantages.

The high-end real estate market is doing well in the Alps, and even more so in the Mont-Blanc region! In Megève, about 350 properties are sold each year. 2017 has been a slow year due to Brexit and the French presidential elections, “but the market is recovering well now,” David Prétot assures us. “The opening of the Four Seasons 5-star hotel and the many other 5-star hotels coming soon are bringing in new clients,” as well as the twenty or so collective chalets that will be built in the next 5 years. Price per square meter in the most beautiful village in the Alps? From €7 to €15,000 for apartments, and from €10 to €20,000 for individual chalets. In Chamonix, the summer of 2018 was particularly eventful. "Chamonix is a town in the mountains with year-round tourist activity that is currently undervalued. Properties that appear on the market are increasing in quality and we are moving away from the countless log cabins. Today, we have more requests than offers.” Prices per m2 vary between €7 and €12,000 for apartments and €10 and €15,000 for chalets.


An extension of the new Archamps location that covers the Genevois français, a new location managed by David Prétot will open in 2019 in the pretty town of Divonne-les-Bains. The fast-moving property market at the foot of the Jura Mountains has been revitalized by the purchasing power of frontier workers. "Our clients from Eastern Europe and the Gulf countries, who cannot live in Switzerland, are also attracted by luxury properties. They are looking for beautiful homes on large plots, preferably with a view of Lake Geneva, the Jet d'Eau or Mont-Blanc," so moving to the spa town of the Ain is a perfect choice.


Barnes is expanding. The group will grow its 79 locations to 150 by 2025 in premium destinations on five continents. The brand will also continue to expand: after Barnes Hotel and Barnes Immeubles, Barnes Vineyards, which specializes in wine trading, has just been launched, as well as Barnes Art Advisory, which provides consulting on buying and selling works of art, and Barnes Interiors, which focuses on decoration and furnishing. Finally, Barnes Yachting, which offers yacht charters, has a promising future in Monaco or Porto Cervo in Sardinia.

"Our goal is to become a luxury group specializing in high-end services" continues David Prétot "so that we can be there for our clients at every step in their recreational investments. In Megève, we already offer rentals, sales, concierge services, creation and interior design. And there is more to come.”