Luxury real estate in Ville la Grand

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Luxury real estate in Ville la Grand

Along the Franco-Swiss border, the town has a highly urbanized center north of the Annemasse and southwest of Lake Geneva. Ville-la-Grand has managed to create islands of greenery to offer its inhabitants a pleasant living environment. Barnes selects for you surprising and sought after real estate.

Prestige properties for sale in Ville la Grand

The center of the city, close to the railway station, is composed of small buildings surrounded by terraced houses or single-storey or composed of a floor with gardens. The market that stretches from the streets of Commerce and Pont-Neuf to the Rue du Réverend Père Favre and Place Joseph Philippe, is a weekly meeting place around fresh and local flavors and products. Apartments with upscale kitchen, living room, large living room, bedrooms and master suite overlooking the park of Japanese style Squirrels located on the edge of the Foron. Further, the mill and the vineyards of Carra AOP which extend on more than 4 hectares rub shoulders with small villas with swimming pool. On the outskirts of Ville-la-Grand, the hamlet of Crest houses pretty houses of more than 100 m2 hidden behind the Bois des Côtes overlooking the Salève.

Data of the real estate market in Ville la Grand

The population of this highly urbanized municipality of nearly 9000 inhabitants is divided between 42% of tenants and 55% of owners. The dwellings with surfaces between 40 and 99 square meters are the most numerous (73%), small volumes of less than 40 m2 constituting 6% of the existing. The average price per square meter is 3587 euros in an area where the indices range from 3203 to 4050 euros. Apartments are the most sought-after property, with houses accounting for one-third of the demand. 29% of buyers are positioned on 3-room properties, 26% on 4 rooms and 24% on 5 or more rooms, the desired minimum area ranging from 40 to less than 100 square meters. The average price per m2 for an apartment - 3490 euros - remains lower than that of a house - 3956 euros.