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Luxury real estate in Mouxy

Access exclusive Barnes real estate offers in Mouxy. The town rises on the foothills of the Bauges and dominates the Lake Bourget and the city of Aix-les-Bains. It is located on the D913 which connects it to the Aachen basin, less than 10 kilometers from the A41 Chambéry-Annecy-Geneva motorway.

Prestige properties for sale in Mouxy

10 minutes from Aix les Bains, pleasant residential neighborhoods have developed from the center of the small town of Mouxy, where all services are located, to the foot of the mountain of Revard. Contemporary homes usually offer beautiful adjoining areas for the development of pool gardens. On the heights, towards the hamlet of Crêt or along the road of the Mentens, can be found sunny and calm villas, of even foot or having a floor to better enjoy the sight on the lake and the tooth of the Cat . The town, poorly urbanized, has some potential land to build for the launch of new or customized programs for the realization of your high-end construction project. Depending on your budget and your requirement for services, Barnes search for you the best current or future real estate offers on Mouxy and its campaign.

Data of the real estate market in Mouxy

The municipality of Mouxy - which has more than 2500 inhabitants - has continued to grow with the years near the large urban area of Aix les Bains. Only 10% of the Moussards are tenants. A small majority of dwellings have an area greater than 100 m2 against 1% less than 40 m2. Houses with large areas (more than 100 m2 with at least 5 rooms) are the most sought-after property. The prices of the real estate market in Mouxy are higher than in the surrounding municipalities, even higher than those of Aix les Bains. The prices per square meter are between 3526 euros and 3643 euros. The average sale price of a house in Mouxy is 3590 euros / m2, much higher than those practiced in Savoie. For an apartment, prices range from 2245 euros to 4217 euros per m2, an average of 3002 euros.