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Luxury real estate in Cruseilles

Located in the Genevois, one of the most beautiful natural regions of Haute-Savoie and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, Cruseilles is an ideal destination to acquire or rent a property.

Luxury properties for sale in Cruseilles

Your real estate agency Barnes can help you buy, sell or rent your luxury home or luxury apartment in Cruseilles. Our team, which knows very well its job and the sector in which it operates, identifies the areas to be privileged in the city center and the neighboring hamlets (Féchy, Le Noiret, Abergement, Deyrier, Les Lirons, Les Follats, Les Bornands, The Long Meadows, Suet, The Bridges of the Quail, Chosal, The Goths). Have you found the loft, the chalet with fireplace or the villa of your dreams? From your luxury residence, you can suspend time and visit the main monuments such as Cruseilles Castle, Saint-Maurice Church and the fortified house of Pontverre. The city is known for its beautiful rose garden which extends over 2,000 m2 (Rose Garden Owl), stone bridges built during Antiquity (Caille Bridge) and Dronières Park.

Data of the real estate market in Cruseilles

At the same time a village of valley and village of mountain, Cruseilles counts approximately 4500 inhabitants on its territory. The resident population, which is largely composed of assets, is divided between 65% of owners and 31% of tenants. Nearly 40% of Cruseilles' housing units offer large areas, greater than 100 m2. The market price in Cruseilles is slightly higher than in the neighboring communes, with the exception of Villy-le-Pelloux, which has much higher prices. The average price per m2 can almost double for a house: from 2600 to over 4000 euros / m2, an average of 3430 euros / m2 higher than 200 euros at the average price in Haute-Savoie. The apartments in Cruseilles are sold from 3170 to 4170 euros / m2. They are the most sought after goods. Among the most requested criteria are more than 5 rooms and large areas.