Luxury real estate in Brison Saint Innocent

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Luxury real estate in Brison Saint Innocent

Do you want to make a property investment in Brison Saint Innocent? Barnes Annecy offers the most beautiful properties of this charming city located on the banks of Lake Bourget.

Prestigious Properties for Sale in Brison Saint innocent

Architect house in Grésine or villa in the district of Perron, do not miss the exclusives Barnes. Homes for sale in Saint Innocent Brison Stoke are among the most prized properties and fuel the lust.

This nearby city of Aix les Bains is indeed very well located and faces the Abbey of Hautecombe of Saint Pierre de Curtille. It includes the castle of Saint Innocent, the Sardis towers of the Brison tunnel, and the foundry of bells. If the sector has some tourist success in the summer and is therefore ideal for a rental investment, the sweetness of life in Brison also makes it a privileged place of residence in the heart of Savoy.

Data of the real estate market in Brison-Saint-Innocent

Commune of several hamlets, Brison-Saint-Innocent counts more than 2000 permanent residents of which 82% own their home. The majority of real estate in the municipality offers a living area of over 100 m2. Nearly a third of the inhabitants are retired. Bordering Aix-les-Bains, Brison-Saint-Innocent has an average price per square meter lower: an average of 2,767 euros / m2 for a house, and 2467 euros / m2 on average for an apartment. Prices have generally increased less in this sector than in the rest of Savoie during the last year. The market is attractive and goods are sold regularly on the town. The most sought-after criteria by buyers are the area greater than 100 m2, the number of rooms greater than 5, and apartments rather than individual houses.