Life annuity sales in Megève

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Life annuity sales in Megève

Barnes, your agency specializing in life annuity in Megève

Are you interested in the principle of life annuity purchases, which allows you to acquire a discounted property and benefit from favorable taxation? A specialist in luxury real estate, Barnes puts at your service its expert department in the sale and purchase of life annuity in Megève and in the most popular areas of the Mont-Blanc massif. The purchase of a life annuity consists of a payment to the seller of a life annuity, calculated according to the estimate of the property and the life expectancy of the owner. The life annuity is therefore an attractive long-term asset investment method for both parties, which also allows the seller to transform his real estate assets into immediately available capital. A property for sale in life annuity occupied in Megève will allow you to take advantage of a significant discount: the usufruct which the previous owner continues to enjoy is in fact deducted from the amount of the sale. If you want to immediately benefit from your property purchased as a life annuity in Megève, the free life annuity is ideal: the amount of the annuities will simply be higher since no occupancy discount will be applied.

Sale in occupied life annuity and free life annuity in Megève

Are you interested in the principle of a life annuity purchase in Megève and would you like to discover the properties offered by Barnes? Discover in pictures and in detail the properties for sale in free or occupied life annuity in Megève selected by our teams: chalet of more than 400 m2, village house with the charm of the old, luxury apartment, the most prestigious real estate are presented to you by Barnes life annuity in Megève. Regularly updated, our listings of property sold as a free or occupied life annuity are aimed at the most demanding buyers wishing to invest or set up a long-term investment strategy in the Mont-Blanc region. . Do you have purchasing power but want to build solid real estate assets? Are you looking for an immediately available property? Find out about the sale of second homes in free life annuity in Megève from the expert teams at Barnes!