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Luxury real estate in Epagny

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Luxury real estate in Epagny

Discover the most beautiful properties in Epagny 

The town of Epagny is adorned with many traditional properties, with typical architecture of the region: houses with wooden facades for example. There are also apartments with views of the peaks as building land. Thanks to the help of our real estate agency BARNES Annecy, find the prestigious property of your dreams! We offer you tailor-made support throughout the duration of your research. 

Follow the evolution of real estate prices in Epagny

If you find the prices per meter² of /achat-immobilier-luxe/annecy-74000 too high, you can turn to Epagny, located just next door, which offers lower prices, while offering quality services. It is a quieter town, which bathes in a peaceful atmosphere. Houses in Epagny are around 5,300 euros per square metre, while apartments cost around 4,770 euros/square metre. Please note that the average price of real estate in Epagny is higher for the prestigious properties that we offer at Barnes Annecy.

Taste the joy of living in Epagny

Located in Haute-Savoie, about 12 minutes from Annecy, which is the largest city in the area, the town of Epagny has about 4,000 inhabitants. It is a city on a human scale, which offers a beautiful view of the Age mountain and the plain and the Mandallaz ranges. You can visit the Saint-Pierre-aux-Liens church there.