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Luxury real estate in Échenevex

Let Barnes real estate make you discover the most beautiful houses of Echenevex, at the foot of the Jura mountains and facing Mont Blanc. Near Lake Geneva and located 4 km south of Gex and 3 km from Chevry, Echenevex is the easiest town in the department of Ain.

Luxury properties for sale in Echevenex

The commune, made up of the different hamlets of the Pierre, Chenaz, Mury, Naz-Dessus and the Round Table, shelters the golf and country club of White House not far from the sources of the Allondon. The mountainous hinterland is a natural playground ideal for outdoor activities. Echenevex is equipped with sports facilities for the students of the municipal school and various associations that animate the life of the village. Between the village of Echenevex and the Round Table is the private stud farm and pony club of Varfeuil. At 16 minutes from Geneva airport, let yourself be charmed by a luxurious property fully domotized and secure access, protected from view to enjoy in peace a park with swimming pool and tennis court. On the heights of the town, one can guess behind the well-cut hedges of magnificent villas of architect with bold lines and openings skilfully studied on the countryside and Lake Geneva.

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Echenevex is a small town whose population has grown from 1,500 to over 2,000 in less than a decade. 84% of the inhabitants of Echenevex are owners. The municipality has only 13% of tenants. Most of the dwellings offer areas of more than 100 m2. Only 2% of the 816 housing units in the municipality have an area of less than 40 m2. The goods most often sought by buyers are houses, large in size - 100 m2 and over - and more than 5 pieces. Exceeding the Ain average, real estate market prices in Echenevex are also higher than in the neighboring towns of Gex, Cessy and Crozet. The average price per square meter of an apartment is 4296 euros. For a house, prices range from 4268 euros to 4381 euros, with an average price of 4622 euros.