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Navrés, nos consultants sont actuellement à la recherche de biens sur cette commune. Face à une demande importante, il est aussi possible que certains biens soient vendus sans qu’ils ne soient mis en ligne. En effet, tous nos biens sont systématiquement et prioritairement proposés aux clients nous ayant détaillé leur projet ainsi que leurs critères de choix.

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Luxury real estate in Conjux

70 km from Geneva and 25 minutes from Aix-les-Bains, the town is located on the west bank of Lake Bourget, the wildest. Conjux has a small marina with an adjoining beach. With Barnes, make the purchase of the villa or the house of your dreams with breathtaking views.

Prestige properties for sale in Conjux

Conjux is close to the wine-growing towns of Chautagne, Chindrieux, Motz, Ruffieux and Serrières. The entrance to the famous Savières Canal is in the hamlet of Portout at the northern end of Lake Bourget. The commune of Conjux extends on 5 km of coast along which one can see some beautiful properties feet in the water with private pontoons. Further south is the Royal Abbey of Hautecombe. On the heights of Conjux, the setting is exceptional and the houses are divined among the trees. The territory of the municipality is characterized by extensive forest cover and the building has been carefully mastered, combining old houses in the heart of the village Platières and modern villas to the hamlet of Semelas overlooking the lake. The precious and discreet charm of Conjux is the ideal setting for your future second home to enjoy holidays between lake and Clergeon mountain.

Data of the real estate market in Conjux

Conjux, on Lake Bourget, is the smallest town of Chautagne. Its population exceeded 200 inhabitants in 2015. It is composed mainly of owners (77%) for 17% of tenants. The living areas of more than 40 m2 and less than 100 m2 are the most numerous. 40% of homes offer volumes of more than 100 m2. Of the 164 dwellings, 96 are principal residences and 68 are second homes. The real estate market in Conjux is in the high prices recorded in the department (4170 euros per square meter on average). While the average is 2646 euros / m2 in Savoie, the average price of houses in Conjux varies from 3853 to 4196 euros. The property type apartment is also little researched and buyers are positioned preferably on housing units of 5 rooms and more.