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Property Management

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Like the agency Barnes, our Property Management, effective and rigorous, offers a personalized management of your chalet.

Attentive to your needs and your requirements, we are increasing our efforts to have your absence or arrival occurs with confidence.

By entrusting management of your cottage Barnes, you have the ability to deliver you from all administrative and technical requirements, which can be complex.

Indeed, our Property Management proposes to make available its expertise in key areas of asset management:

  • Regular surveillance visits (burglary, identification and assessment of potential damage, verifying proper operation of the various equipment, ventilation ...)
  • Occasional visits to information and rapid response in case of any malfunction
  • Works and search providers: architects, businesses, followed by the successful completion of the work (excluding heavy work), small jobs interviews ...
  • Household maintenance, cleaning during your stay, and cleaning at the end of the season,
  • Make your very accessible to different providers (garden, swimming pool ...), verification of the actions and work (not big business)
  • Support from organizations (insurance, water company, post, telecommunications, EDF, GDF ...)
  • Assistance with personal home search
  • Opening and Sleep to your chalet
  • Telephone support and access to the concierge to request additional service

We are at your disposal to develop a management contract customized, allowing you to enjoy your home.

For further information and requests for consultation please contact us.

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